We are pleased to introduce the latest version of our Flex Vase... a Flex Vase with chrome plated connectors. It is beautiful as well as functional! We are also introducing our new Clear 12-Vial Flex Vase. Create a Heart of Roses for that special person for Valentine’s Day!

We recently introduced STRUTS The New Sawhorse – a sawhorse with a grip. Attach STRUTS The New Sawhorse to a door and create additional workspace, such as a desk, a workbench, gardener’s potting table, a hobby table, computer workstation, or other work surfaces. STRUTS The New Sawhorse won the Design Journal Award for Design Excellence (ADEX) in the Building Materials/Trade Accessories Category. We will be introducing our Flex Oil Lamp with both clear and chrome connectors. Combine the Flex Oil Lamp and Flex Vase to bring out your creative best!

Our Flex Vase recently received the Design Journal Award for Design Excellence (ADEX) in the Art & Accessories/Tabletop Category. Gifts & Decorative Accessories magazine featured our Flex Vase in the Trends/Gifts & Accents section. The Society of American Florists Floral Management magazine featured our Flex Vase in their Premier Products Showcase.

It is an elegant and simple vase made of a series of clear glass vials linked with either chrome-plated or flexible clear connectors. Its uniqueness lies in connectors, which can be angled, raised, and lowered to form multi-dimensional arrangements, such as a heart, circle, triangle, wave, etc. Nothing on the market matches its versatility: The Flex Vase with clear connectors can wind across a dining room table, attach to a window, and to a mirror with the included suction cups. The Flex Vase with chrome plated connectors doesn’t include suction cups or extra connectors. Design Plans are included with all Flex Vases.

New design ideas include a formal arrangement combining cranberries and Stargazer Lilies and an informal arrangement combining bright playful Gerber Daisies with cherry tomatoes, chili peppers and asparagus. Also, create a Retro 60’s floral design with colorful silk Gerber Daisies and colored glass stones. See these flower arrangements and more in the Design Ideas Section of our website. Don’t forget to add breadsticks with the chili peppers or cherry tomatoes to our Flex Vase for a table arrangement that is sure to be a topic of conversation at
your next dinner party. Create a 2-Vial Flex Vase flower arrangement, attach it with one section cup to your side car window and watch the smiles!

The Flex Vase is sold in museum, gift, flower, specialty, and design stores in the US, Europe, and Asia. Publications featuring our Flex Vase: Design Journal, Gifts & Decorative Accessories, Mademoiselle, Bride, Woman’s Day, Top Fair, Floral Management, Florists’ Review, Flowers&, Display & Design Ideas. For the fifth consecutive year, our Flex Vase has been sold in The Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Margo Zender, President

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